Book I, the recovery of basics


With this book, the child recovers what we call the fundamentals of the language. These are the core elements of the language the child needs to be able to read fluently. At the end of this level, the pupil should recover a gap of one and a half year in reading.

Catégorie :

Results : By the sixth week, the child begins to read independently while up to now he read hesitatingly. At the end of Book I, the child will have caught up on a year and a half of reading lag. This level dispatched over a relatively short period allows parents to discover full efficiency of the method without the need nor obligation to invest in the whole program.

Duration : ± 3 months / ideally 15 min daily

Description and material included :

  • parents guide book / pupil (107 pages, A5 booklet soft cover)
  • letter board
  • letters
  • 2 remote sessions with Dyseurope to help you get started

About the method:

This home method to overcome dyslexia is progressive. It is divided into 3  levels over a total of 10 to 14 months on average, depending on the child.  Each level of the method is a book.